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Well it's time...

...for a blog post. After that seizure last night/yesterday, I'm still recovering. i'm sore but at least I don't have a migraine. I didn't even know i had one until I woke up and was walking to the ambulance. They then told me that my roommate had heard me fall in the kitchen and he called them to me after I wouldn't respond to him. I got taken to the hospital and they gave me some rescue medication and allowed me to sit up there and recover for about two hours. I then came home (not feeling great) and did a blog post about it. I'm just doing this post today about recovering and how the next day factors in. I haven't been hungry so I haven't eaten anything, though I know I need to. I will eventually eat something when my stomach feels like it can take something. I just wanted to post that I'm feeling "o.k." Just sore. I hope that these muscle aches don't last for days like these bruises will. I ended up bruising myself when I fell (I guess). I bruised my elbow, my shoulder and my leg. As I've said many times before, the blessing is just waking up. I can deal with the bruises. Thanks for stopping by and keep me in your prayers.

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