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Well I've washed the dishes, I've taken my meds, I've eaten, I've recorded a podcast , just what do I do now. That seems to be the looming question everyday. I have to try to find something constructive to fill my day. I never do. I just podcast, blog and watch YouTube videos. I also end up cleaning up after my roommates. If you listen to my podcast I told you it gets a lot deeper over here. I tend to get more personal while typing. I guess it's because I know my roommates can't hear me. They bother me, yes, but I can't expect to have a perfect living environment while living with a roommate. That would just be asking too much I believe. I feel though, he should be following the rules like I do. He just lets his girlfriend stay over here any time she wants to. day and night. She's been here for over two weeks. She has her own apartment!!! She's paying rent there!!! Why is she not staying there? I just don't understand. Maybe she has some real mental health issues that she is hiding. I know she has some, but maybe she has some rather serious ones that she hides rather well. If so she needs to get those things worked out and go home. I know that's cold but I just hate cleaning up after a 50 something year old woman who has no desire to clean up after herself. I know I've got my issues, but I don't let them stop me from cleaning up my own mess. (This page isn't called just a rant for nothing) I clean up behind myself. I don't like the idea of leaving a mess for someone else to pick up. I call that being responsible for yourself. As I've said before if I was living how she is and finally got my own place, I would be jumping for joy. I would definitely not be staying at someone else's place. I would be at my place sleeping on the couch if I had to. I just don't know what else to do. I keep reporting them. Nothing is getting done. I guess as I've probably said before I'll have to learn to put up with her and continue to wash her dishes if I want clean dishes to use. No one else is going to do it. Aaaargh!!! It just gets me so angry. ....yet, it could be worse. I never can stop thinking and knowing that. I could have roommates I don't like at ALL. At least I like him. He's pretty cool. He goes to church. He'll check on me. (Every now and then.) It's just her dishes I can't stand to wash because I know she'll never get in there and wash them. I've tried. She will wash what she needs to use and then put it right back into the sink dirty. That is the spirit of someone that is not willing to help others. Oh the curse of government housing. The epilepsy in itself is bad enough, but everything that comes along with it just makes for some really bad situations sometimes. That' is my rant for the moment. That's how I'm living.

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