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Boy this has really been a day. I like helping people out. My roommate's girlfriend needed some help paying her phone bill over the internet and of course, I obliged. I tried everything I could do to get her bill paid to no avail. We tried the website. We went through the call center. There was something wrong about the zip code on her card that the automated services would not take. She usually goes straight to the store to pay her bill, but the stores are all closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had a lot of trouble. Did we get it paid? No. She now will not be able to pay her phone bill when it comes due. Lucky for her its not due yet, she was trying to pay it early. I gave up an hour of my time just being on hold with Verizon. They were no help at all. All four different operators that I spoke to (4 different phone calls mind you) kept sending me to the same place. I just wish I had been able to be more help. Other than the stress of listening to hold music for about an hour altogether, I'm doing fine today. I was able to do my podcast. I'm posting my blog. I feel fine. I've had something to eat. So it seems as if today is going to be a good day. I feel good. I've taken my medicine. There have been no auras or anything seizure related. So, I'm just stressed out about those phone calls. I was really nice to the operators. Most of them were nice in return, except the last one. He acted like he couldn't hear me, rattled off some basic web contact info and then hung up. That has been the high point of my day, trying to help someone out. Have you tried to help anyone out lately? It gets kind of hard sometimes, and can be stressful. Yet when done in the right spirit it is really fulfilling. I know that I (even though it didn't work) was still a big help to them and they needed some help. I also needed someone to help. It really helped to fill my day. But boy is my stress raised, eh, I'll get over it. It wasn't my fault the system wouldn't accept her zip code. I hope you're having a good day. Thanks for stopping by and checking in. Stay safe.

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