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Well number one, I've made my cat an appointment to go get spayed. Now I have to go buy a cat carrier for the car so I can get her to the vet tomorrow morning. This is all an investment. The cat is good for my mental health and is something I'm going to need if I'm going to live alone. Again I say I hope I'm allowed to keep her. Getting rid of her is going to be hard. It's hard to get rid of a cat in my town, the local shelter isn't taking any cats. Cats are hard to give away too, there's just so darn many of them. That's why I just hope I can keep this one. As I head to town I'm going to try a new sandwich from Arby's that I saw reviewed by my friend on his YouTube channel, Steverville. It's a chicken, cheddar, ranch sandwich and it looked very good so after seeing the review I'm going to go try it. I only wish it had a filet instead of two tenders. I don't know why they went with the tenders instead of the filet, eh, probably so they could charge the same and make more profit. Still the sandwich looks good. One reason I like food reviewers is that they keep me up on the new products coming out and the ones I remember are the ones I try. If I remember them then I feel like they are the ones worth trying. My roommate has to go pick someone up from an appointment before we leave so I decided to go ahead and write my blog post. I'm also waiting for my housing person/counselor to call for my weekly appointment. I guess I'll go ahead and get my rent while I'm out too. I need to pay last month along with this month. Its just difficult with no one coming by to pick it up. I don't even know where to take it if they don't come get it. Heck, I won't have a way to take it to them after I move. I depend on my roommate to take me where I need to go. ...Oh well, if nothing else, I posted today. I try to post every day, podcast and blog. I try to find something to talk and write about. I usually do. So this is my post for today. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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