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I woke up this morning, said my prayers, washed my roommates dishes, did my exercises, sat to meditate and'a 9/11. Wow. Never forget that day. I was awoken by a call from an ex girl friend's mother to tell us to turn on the television. Right then the second plane hit. I can barely remember yesterday, but these 18 years haven't touched those sounds, the looks of shock on the faces of the news anchors. My friends and I were shocked. We knew a war would happen. But the shock of that day will never dissipate. I've gotten chills. I've shed tears. Never Forget. Watching the live stream of the remembrance ceremony at Point Lookout on CBSN New York. Man those people who cleaned the site up had it rough. A guy named Lou Alvarez fought for compensation for the workers and Trump signed it. God bless them both. The Salvation Army was there feeding the rescue and recovery workers. God bless the Salvation Army. The tribute is about to start live...6 moments of silence, when the planes hit, when the towers fell, and also when the Pentagon was struck. 8;46 a.m. the first tower was struck. Gonna stop to watch the tribute.

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