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I love this song so much. It just says it all. I love this version of it too. that you got a taste of that I'll go ahead and write my blog post. Not too much to write about today. I talked about Elvis' gospel music in my podcast today. I said I wasn't the biggest Elvis fan but he sang some beautiful Christian music. This is one of those songs. Every time I hear this song I hear Elvis and J.D. Sumner (I just learned this guy's name from the YouTube information) singing it. That deep bass voice is tremendous. Along with Elvis' magnificent voice this song is sang beautifully. I don't know who this guy is but his voice is DEEP!! ...anyway, i'm having a good day. I just go through eating. I think its going to be a long night. I hope not. I got up at a decent hour to make it to Wal-Mart. I just hope sleep comes easily tonight. I've taken my medications. I really don't have much to talk about. This whole COVID-19 thing is still young. I don't think we've seen close to the worst of it yet and that's scary. I was just watching a documentary with my roommate about the flu epidemic of 1918 and it seemed so similar to these times. Just the language they were using. On the old films people were walking around in masks. It all looked so "familiar". The numbers they were quoting for the flu epidemic were outrageous. I hope it doesn't get that bad during this pandemic. I just wanted to post. I try to post something every day. Thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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