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Today was one of those odd days where I woke up before my 7 a.m. alarm. I like getting up early, but I set my alarm for a reason. That's what time I want to get up. Mornings like these there's no going back to sleep. In my teens and twenties I could sleep all day. Now no matter what time I go to bed I always get up with my alarm or earlier. It must just be part of getting older. That first cup of coffee is calling my name. Is it a caffeine addiction? I hope not. Because I like to sleep and if caffeine withdrawal is waking me up then I am hooked. I haven't tried to go without it, ever. I mean caffeine is in everything I drink, coffee, tea, soda, We're supposed to be drinking just water, I mean that's what our species survived on for thousands of years. Just. Plain. Water. The thought of having only that to drink just turns my stomach. I'm drinking a Mountain Dew right now and it's just hitting the spot. Advocates of drinking only water say after a while you get used to it, then nothing else will quench your thirst the same. I've thought about trying it. I probably need to, I am diabetic (type 2). I also enjoy energy drinks too. But I can't mix them with coffee or other drinks with high caffeine and sugar because I'm afraid it will cause me to have a seizure. The doctor told me a long time ago to avoid caffeinated drinks. It's ironic, out of all the drugs I stopped doing I haven't quit the one that is probably the worst on my medical condition. As I sit here typing, enjoying my Mountain Dew, I think of all the complications of diabetes. The loss of toes and feet being some of the worst. I hope it never gets that bad. Maybe one day I'll find the strength within myself or from God to put down all these caffeinated sugary beverages that are killing me slowly. So its days like this where I sit back and notice little things I could be changing in my life. These things may seem little but they pack a big scary punch in the end. Nicotine, caffeine, sugar. Three things I feel I need to stop.At least I recognize it. Now can I find the strength to do anything about it before some doctor tells me I HAVE to. I can almost see the concept of a soda free lifestyle. Yeah that sounds feasible. But tea with no sugar? That to me is just...wrong. Back to the water thing. If i wanted to drink unsweet tea I would just drink water. I don't like drinking water, just plain water. What am I supposed to do? I don't know. Maybe I'll decide to quit one day. So, until that day it's going to be the occasional Mountain Dew, the occasional energy drink, and the daily sweet tea. Now as far as the nicotine goes, that is a post unto itself.

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