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Woke up REALLY early...

So I woke up early yesterday too huh? I forgot about that. I also covered that in today's podcast. Yes, even though I feel like death warmed over I still posted both places because I'm trying to keep a healthy routine going. This probably won't be a long post due to the fact that it took everything I could muster to do 13 minutes of my podcast. I don't have any original content that I don't mind using here and not on my podcast. My mind is too tired to think of any good original topics. So I guess it's back to the original intended purpose, keeping a journal of my seizures and how I feel. I guess it's fulfilling it's purpose. I'm glad I can enjoy doing it, sharing it with whoever may find it and maybe they'll get some good out of it. It's like leaving an open journal out on a sidewalk for anyone to find. I don't mind though. I just hope I can give other epileptics (and whoever else may be reading this) some hope. Just let them know that there are other people in the world struggling too. It's definitely not all fun and games all the time on my end. I have my good days and today is not one of them. I'm posting though because I like sharing. ...So as far as how I feel, went to bed around 10 p.m., woke up around 2 a.m. wide awake, and have been awake ever since. I'm gonna try to make the whole day with no nap. A nap would just mess up my sleep even more. No seizure though or feelings of one. That's my short post here for today.

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