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Wow. What a start...

This morning started off like any other morning, prayer, coffee..Where's my coffee!?! Oh no, they took it too!!! So here I am, 5 a.m. running around (not really running) just dying to find my canister of coffee. Yes, I know. I have a disability. Yes, I know. It's my memory. So I stop. Hmmm...think. The last time I used it. I don't know. I just know I bought enough coffee that There's no chance I've drank it all. Coffee is a weird thing. Wars have been fought over it. So here I am barely awake, blaming everyone but myself for taking my coffee. ...and alas, sadly, right at my feet was the coffee I had been looking for for the past twenty minutes. Cursing the world. Man the world is just not right without that first cup.

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